Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Trail Blazers

May 8, 2014

Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Trail Blazers

(On if he expects the Trail Blazers to come out with more energy tonight than they did in Game 1…)
“It’s interesting, when a team loses everybody says they didn’t have energy and when you win you had more energy. I always wonder when we lose a game I think my guys had energy, maybe we just didn’t do some things as well as the other team on that night. It’s the playoffs, I think every team has energy all the time. Sometimes we play poorly, sometimes we play well. I don’t think energy is a problem in the playoffs for well.”

(On how the Spurs handle a win in the playoffs…)
“A win is one game. That’s all it is. Once that win or that loss takes place the only thing that matters is the next game. Getting too excited about the win or getting too depressed about the loss doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It’s more productive time spent thinking about the next game.”

(On how the challenge of defending LaMarcus Aldridge is different from the challenge of defending Dirk Nowitzki…)
“Every player is different and they’re both great challenges. As I’ve said before you don’t stop either one of them, you just hope that you’re making them work hard. They’re both players that get their shots off almost any time they want. You just hope you get them off their stops and make them work hard to get there.”

(On Tiago Splitter’s defense against LaMarcus Aldridge…)
“Tiago (Splitter) does the same thing every single night no matter who he guards. He takes great pride in rebounding, playing defense, running the floor, doing all the blue collar kind of stuff, so no matter who he guards he’s going to do that. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes a little less than that, but the effort is always there.”

(On when he came to the dynamic that Manu Ginobili’s minutes are best used off the bench…)
“I think about seven years ago. Luckily, he’s got the kind of ego that can handle it. Some guys wouldn’t be able to come off the bench as good a player as he is. It’s really helped our bench be a more potent force over the years. His personality and unselfishness has allowed that. I often times feel guilty about that, but I do it anyways.”