Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Trail Blazers

May 6, 2014

(On defending LaMarcus Aldridge…)
“He’s like Dirk (Nowitzki). You can’t get to his shot. He’s going to get his shot off and he’s really talented. He can go inside and he can come outside. He’s not somebody that’s going to be stopped. We just hope that he works hard for everything he gets.”

(On comparing the 2014 Trail Blazers to the 2013 Warriors…)
“I think the Portland team is young, but they have some players that are very experienced. (Damian) Lillard is a young guy, but he’s already an All-Star caliber player. They have a little bit more experience in that regard. They’re a tough challenge.”

(On Damian Lillard spending four years in college…)
“I think the extra coaching and extra time in college always does people good. We had that with Timmy (Duncan), and he came out pretty ready. It shows on players when they spend some time in college, when they get coaching, had to compete a little bit longer, go through the grind, all that sort of thing, and mature a bit. It’s a pretty good thing.”

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