Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Pelicans

March 29, 2014

Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Pelican

(On what Spurs are inactive…)
“(Matt) Bonner is out, and (Danny) Green is out.”

(On if the Spurs winning streak changes the rotation…)
“No, the streak has nothing to do with it. It’s all about minutes.”

(On his starters playing the least minutes out of any team in the NBA…)
“I didn’t know that, but I would have guessed it. It’s probably been like that every year, I would imagine. Or you could say if I would have played them more, maybe we would’ve won more games. Maybe I outsmarted myself, I don’t know. (laughs) There’s always two ways to look at things.”

(On the Spurs roster not having anyone in the top-35 highest paid players in the NBA…)
“R.C. (Spurs general manager R.C. Buford) and his group work very hard at trying to be as frugal as we can possibly be, yet put a product on the floor that everybody would be proud of. So they deserve the credit for that. I just kind of show up for the games and go from there.”

(On if he takes anything from watching the coaches in the NCAA Tournament…)
“If you were coaching a kids team, I’d go watch just to see what you did, because I might learn something. Just watching Florida and Dayton now, there’s always something. It’s not just necessarily a play. Maybe it’s a way that they substituted or managed, or what kind of a wrinkle they might put into their team defense. There’s always something you can find that you might be able to incorporate.”

(On if there is something notably specific that he has learned from watching other coaches…)
“No, it’s like osmosis. We all watch so many games, you sort of have a base. You know what you believe and pretty much stick with that, but around the edges you add or subtract.”