Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Trail Blazers

March 12, 2014

(On the Spurs’ level of play in recent weeks…)
We’re playing better than we did earlier in the year, I think. We’re a little more consistent defensively. That’s probably the main thing. We’re better defensively.

(On whether the elevated play is a product of getting players healthy…)
“We had some good games when some guys were hurt where we played pretty good defense. We had pretty good movement offensively for more minutes of the 48. When the guys all came back, it seemed to continue, so we’ll see how it goes.”

(On the difference between a dirty player and an aggressive player…)
“I just think that it probably shows itself in the necessity of the action as far as whether it’s a blatant movement, whether it’s an elbow, kick or a head butt, whatever it might be for no reason whatsoever. It doesn’t have anything to do with playing as opposed to physicality. It’s getting up into somebody, touching somebody, blocking out and making hard cuts, and making great picks, that sort of thing. That’s an aggressive player, or somebody that’s always trying to get to the rim. Somebody who’s always ready to block out their body on you, that’s all aggressiveness. Dirty is cheap stuff that doesn’t really have anything to do with the game. You can tell the difference pretty easily.”

(On Bruce Bowen’s reputation as a player…)
“Bruce (Bowen) weight about 83 pounds. The guys that guarded him weighed 220 or 200, something like that. He was like a gnat, but he was a persistent gnat. He was driving people crazy, but it wasn’t because he was overly physical or anything like that. He had great understanding of space, had quick feet, and huge desire to be a pain in the neck.”

(On Kawhi Leonard watching film of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Bruce Bowen…)

“He’ll learn some technique, for one thing. It’ll give him an idea of what’s out there, what’s available, and what he can aspire to more than anything. That’s what we’re hoping to get out of the film along with the technique. He might learn something.”

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