Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Bucks

Jan. 19, 2014

(On seeing a former player like Gary Neal struggle with a new team…)
“You hope the best for everybody, but each situation is different, and there are things you can’t control. Players change teams, anything can happen. I don’t know what the situation is in Milwaukee for him, but we always wish people the best.”

(On what drew the Spurs’ interest in signing Marco Belinelli…)
“He’s always somebody that I’ve enjoyed watching because I think he’s fearless. He’s not the greatest athlete in the world, but he’s fearless. He’s not afraid to take big shots. He’ll make big plays. Skill-wise, he’s obviously a good shooter. I think people don’t realize how good of a passer he is. He’s a good person. He’s a heck of a teammate. When I saw the opportunity that he was available at the end of last season, that was our main goal to try and sign him.”

(On how quickly Marco Belinelli has adapted to the system…)
“He’s obviously highly intelligent, but he’s had absolutely no trouble figuring things out. In fact, he’s figured out quicker than any new guy we’ve ever brought in I think.”

(On Kawhi Leonard not getting many shot attempts versus Portland…)
“We probably could have called his number a little more, but you’ll see that often with players. For whatever reason in a quarter or half, he’ll get more shots than you might have thought or less. You can’t control it completely. He’s not going to be the guy we go to in most situations. It’s going to be Timmy (Duncan), it’s going to be Manu (Ginobili), or it’s going to be Tony (Parker). You don’t get to the fourth choice a whole lot, so he’s going to get things mostly out of how the offense flows, what happens in transition, and that kind of thing.”

(On not overlooking a struggling team like Milwaukee…)
“Every game is important because we’re trying to improve. We’ve got a long way to go to be ready for the playoffs. It doesn’t really matter who we’re playing. It’s a matter of trying to get better in a variety of areas. We expect them to play tonight as if we were playing Miami. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is.”