Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Mavericks

Jan. 8, 2014

(On the status of Manu Ginobili…)
“He’s out. I think it’s probably just for tonight. I hope it’s just for tonight. When somebody says their hamstring is tight, asks to come off the court, and it’s Manu Ginobili, you don’t take any chances. I’d rather lose him for a game or two or three than for a month, so we’re going to sit him tonight.”

(On adjustments to the rotation with Manu Ginobili out…)
“Danny (Green) is going to start tonight and Marco (Belinelli) will be off with the second team tonight... We wanted to have another ball handler with that second team and let Danny play with Tony (Parker).”

(On who fills in the minutes at Center with Tiago Splitter out…)
“Every game is different. It depends how we’re playing, how guys are playing, who we’re playing against. There’s no formula. That’s what coaches do. You’ve got to make decisions during games sometimes as far as personnel is concerned.”

(On Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki playing out their careers with the same teams…)
“I think they each just thought they were in pretty good situations, number one. Dirk (Nowitzki) enjoyed being in Dallas the way Tim (Duncan) enjoyed being in San Antonio, so that helps. They’re both really high character guys in the sense that they understood that they had it pretty good. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so they elected to stay with those teams. It’s an individual thing. Everybody has different reasons for staying or leaving, but they found the situation such that they wanted to stay in it.”

(On the risks of disrupting chemistry when making trades or roster changes…)
“It’s scary, mostly because of what you just said. The personality of the team is very important. The relationships and how they get along, how they interact not just on the court but in the locker room, who says what to who, who the leaders are and who the followers are, all of that kind of stuff. You don’t want to upset that apple cart, whenever the trade deadline is unless you have a need. If there’s a hole or a need because of an injury or something you just don’t have on your team. Usually we just stay pat, but there have been a couple of times where we thought we needed to add. We needed another big when Nazr Mohammed came, and Nazr helped us win a championship. You’d rather not have to do something like that, and you have to weigh what are your chances of getting better if you do this against the chances that you stay the same or bad things could happen. That’s the assessment that you make.”