Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Raptors

(On Kawhi Leonard’s availability for tonight’s game…)
“He says he feels a lot better today. He went and had some more work done, so he is better off than he was the other day.”

(On Toronto’s recent success despite trading away Rudy Gay…)
“I don’t know. They’ve played well though. Coaches have obviously responded really well. Players have responded well. They are all pros. They put it together and carry on. They show good professionalism by just getting it done.”

(On the NBA possibly removing the lottery system…)
“I don’t care. Whatever they do, they do. They make the rules and we follow them. It doesn’t do any good to think about what they’re going to be when they don’t include us. Whatever they say the rule is, we’ll figure it out from there.”

(On the difficulty of tonight’s game given Toronto’s defeat of Oklahoma City last night…)
“Every NBA game is difficult. Lots of good players, everybody wants to win. If you don’t come to play aggressively and you’re not focused, you have a tough time winning in the NBA. I think every game is difficult.”