Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Warriors - Round 2 Game 2

May 8, 2013

When asked if he could give an update on Tiago Splitter and Tim Duncan …)
“They are good to go. Splitter will play, but he won’t start.”

(When asked if he was surprised with the play of Boris Diaw in his first game back…)
“I have to admit that he was a lot sharper than one can expect after being out for that amount of time he was gone. For not being on the court at all that was a surprise. I’ll be surprised if anyone could do that after being out three or four weeks.”

(When asked if he was happy that George Karl won the NBA Coach of the year…)
“I didn’t even know. Did it come out today? I’m thrilled. That’s great. He’s very deserving. He did a hell of a job. That’s great news.”

(When asked if Kawhi Leonard defensively better understood the play of Stephen Curry as Game 1 when on…)
“I don’t think he figured him out. I guess the more you play against somebody you learn some things. We didn’t stop him from beginning to end. We played better, got lucky and ended up winning. We stuck with the system. We didn’t give in. We kept playing and things worked out. It was a pretty rare situation obviously, but it’s not because we stopped Curry.”

(When asked when they are posting on Tony Parker are you reluctant to send help, does that get you out of what you want to do defensively if they go out the way they were in Game 1)
“Yeah. It makes you make some decisions. Whether you want to do that and double-team and open up somebody else on the perimeter or just let Tony guard whomever. So we’ll probably do a little bit of both just to mix it up a little bit.”