Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Nets

Dec. 31, 2012

(On P.J. Carlesimo’s coaching ability…)

“He’s a good basketball coach. He’s been around. He understands what wins and loses games. Hopefully, the guys will play well for him.”

(On his biggest concerns on the Nets roster…)

“They’re a group that has a lot of individuals who present problems. Joe Johnson is a heck of an offensive player. Deron Williams is a tough nut at that point position. Then, you have (Brook) Lopez and he’s a strange one at that position. You look at him and he looks awkward. You look again and he’s also huge. You look again and he’s kind of quick and he gets from A to B. You look again and he’s competitive. He just doesn’t look like the fine-tuned, NBA, skilled guy that comes out of the cookie cutter. He’s just all over the place. He creates problems because he can guard and he can score. They’ve got a good combination when you throw (Gerald) Wallace in that situation. You have to figure out what you’re going to do with him at the four position. All those things create some problems that you have to hope you can take care of.”

(On the defensive play of Brook Lopez…)

“He hasn’t really been around that long. It’s not like he’s a ‘veteran’ veteran, but I think he’s learning how to guard guys at that position, more and more, every year, every month. I think he’s obviously an intelligent young man and he’s figuring things out defensively.”

(On Danny Green’s play this season…)

“If Danny (Green) has the ball, he should shoot it. That’s basically what he’s done. At the other end of the court, his defense is more intuitive than it is Bruce Bowen-like. He blocks shots from behind. Sometimes we have him guard point guards. He’s pretty smart in what he does defensively. His confidence he has amassed shooting the three has really served us well this year. He and Gary Neal were keeping us afloat perimeter-wise while Stephen (Jackson) and Kawhi Leonard were out. He’s gotten a lot of time to get that confidence and he’s been great.”

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