Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Nuggets

Nov. 17, 2012

(When asked how the progress of Manu Ginobili’s back was going …)
“It’s going in the right direction. It’s getting better everyday. He’s getting a lot closer.”

(When asked if Kawhi Leonard’s injury has been bothering him for a while…)
“Yeah, it’s been there all season. We’ve been trying to deal with it, but it hasn’t gotten better. Its become pretty painful for him. At this point there is a little bit of a risk and it’s unstable enough that a more serious injury could develop. So we need to sit him down and the doc’s (Doctors) and Will (Sevening) made that decision.

(When asked what he thought about the Denver Nuggets team this year…)
“They always play a similar style, up tempo. They’re first in the league in scoring and first in the offensive boards. They’re a very energized team and a very aggressive team. In that sense, they are the same team they have always been. They just haven’t shot it very well so far this season. Once that kicks in, they’re going to be formidable.”

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