Q&A with Dell Demps on Garrett Temple

Spurs Director of Pro Player Personnel and Austin Toros General Manager Dell Demps recently spoke with spurs.com's Ben Hunt about the signing of Garrett Temple. Demps in his fifth season in the Spurs front office also played for the Spurs during the 1995–96 season.

Ben Hunt: Rookie Garrett Temple has been called-up from the D-League previously this season and has already seen time with Houston and Sacramento before landing here last week, what did the front office like in him that made the decision to keep him the rest of the season instead of possibly signing another 10-day contract?

Dell Demps: I think it started out with what we watched from him in college and throughout his career. He was always a guy that was on our radar. When he played in the D-League earlier in the year, he was a guy that we always had interest in but our roster was at 15 players at that time so we couldn't make a move.

The thing we really like about Garrett is his versatility. First he is very good with a very high basketball IQ, he can play multiple positions - the 1, 2 and 3, and guard multiple positions. He fits in with what we want from our players. He is a high character guy that brings some toughness and also some self-confidence.

BH: What type of player do you see him as and what do you hope he brings the remainder of the season to the team?

DD: We're looking at this from a long term situation where we're hoping he can come in and be a guy that can guard and play these multiple spots. We're hoping this year he can be an energy sort of spark plug guy off our bench that is going to be able to help us out moving forward.

BH: Mentioning hopefully having him longer term, is he someone you guys wanted to have in the organization through Summer League and possibly into next season's training camp?

DD: Exactly, we want to give him a chance to learn our system. Even though he is a fast learner and has picked up on quite a few things already, he is very quick. Our coaching staff is very happy with right now and we want to give him the opportunity to be able to contribute. Sometimes that's the hardest thing and we're excited to have him.

BH: The D-League obviously is a good tool to utilize and develop a good number of players, and it gives the players a great opportunity at finding a home on a NBA team's roster. How difficult would it have been a few seasons ago to acquire someone with the youth and potential as Garrett on such a short notice?

DD: Since we have the Toros, our coaching staff down there, we've scouted many of these guys. I'm not sure that it allows us to sign a guy faster, but what it does do is allow us to identify them quicker. Before we didn't have people at every game, now we do and they've seen all the teams. Having a team looking at these guys and preparing for them definitely has advantage.