Five Questions with R.C. Buford's Ben Hunt caught up with Spurs General Manager and President of Sports Franchises R.C. Buford for an exclusive post-trade deadline five questions.

Ben Hunt: How busy has the past few days been leading up to the trade deadline?

RC Buford: I think this time of year is always busy, although very few trades actually get consummated. There is always a great deal of separation in conversations that go along at these times.

BH: There was a lot of league-wide trade speculation going on in the media, how much of that is real and maybe possibly fabricated?

RC: Well I think people use the media to their advantage to try to create interest and drive up markets. I think also with the continued growth of the internet that there is a great deal more time and energy being delivered from the media and the competition is much more severe. I think you see it separate in both directions.

BH: Of course the team ended up trading Theo Ratliff to Charlotte, can you tell us a little about that?

RC: As much as anything the development of DeJuan Blair and Antonio McDyess fitting into the team as well as the versatility of Matt (Bonner) and Richard (Jefferson) and Tim (Duncan) there just wasn't a lot of time available to Theo. Charlotte through some of the trades and injuries, they had the interest for a center so we thought it was best to give Theo an opportunity to go play.

BH: Last season the team made a move after the deadline in picking up Drew Gooden who was bought out, is there any potential to similarly finding another player this season?

RC: You know I don't really know that we will know until we see what players are available. We'll be attentive to the opportunities that are there, but until you really see what happens it's hard to predict.

BH: With only the one move in trading Theo to Charlotte, does this signify the organization's confidence in the current roster and the group we have?

RC: Yeah, I think we've been eager for this group to play well all year long and we hope and anticipate that they jell in the next 30 days.