Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Kings

Dec. 29, 2013

(On any improvements needed on the defensive end…)
“The team can improve on everything. Transition defense, individual defense, team defense, post defense. It’s what you do every day. You try to improve all that stuff. Every team, nobody’s perfect.”

(On whether or not Tiago Splitter is fine for tonight’s game…)
“Yes he is.”

(On DeMarcus Cousins…)
“Very talented young man. Real aggressive. Does a good job.”

(On whether or not there is a stat that tracks if there are more open looks for Danny Green in this rotation and what those stats have shown…)
“Sure. You just have to find that out and figure it out.”

(On whether it’s a coincidence that players shooting percentage increases when playing with Manu Ginobili…)
“Probably not.”

(On Isaiah Thomas going from the last pick in the draft to where he is now and how much of the last part of the second round is a crapshoot…)
“I think it’s really cool. Excited for him. I love when that kind of stuff happens. But it just shows you that it’s subjective thank heavens. If it was a formula it’d be the most boring thing for everybody. If everybody knew if you were drafted seventh, if you were drafted 23rd this is what’s going to happen to you. That’d be no fun whatsoever. Having busts in the top 10 and having guys, like Isaiah, come through at the other end makes it great.”

(On why the Spurs passed on Isaiah Thomas twice…)
“Ask R.C. (Buford). My guess is we already have Tony Parker here so I don’t think we have a need at the point.”

(On whether or not all the analytics can provide answers at the draft…)
“I think all the analytics gives you a good idea about things. Some of the analytics are more true as far as making assumptions than other analytics. But when it comes to the draft that’s a different deal. That’s different than a shooting four spreading the floor and that type of thing. The draft talks about people’s character. Their ability to get along in certain situations with certain coaches with certain teammates in certain cities. Work ethic, circumstances and chance, injury. Parts of their game transfer to the NBA, some parts don’t. And you never know how all of that is going to fit together with somebody. You do your best, every team does their best to do their homework and try to figure that out, but it’s not a perfect science, as I said thank heaven.”