Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Warriors - Round 2 Game 5

May 14, 2013

(On Tony Parker’s injury)
He couldn’t play on it. He couldn’t push off. Getting up off his toes was tough. He and Curry both look like they were not themselves. He just got kicked in the calf, so there was a knot in the calf. It made it tough to push off of. It effects movement and explosiveness. I think he is better tonight, just as I am sure Stephen (Curry) is.

(On the expectations of Cory Joseph in playoffs)
He is a good defender, an energy guy. He is going to get 50-50 balls and give everything he has got. He has really improved his jump shot, working with Chip Engelland. I think he’s confident to make an open shot. To give minutes so that Tony (Parker) can get a rest.

(On how well the teams know each other by Game 5 of a series)
By this time, both teams have made little tweaks here and there to what they want to do. It really gets to the point where players play. Players make shots or make plays that determine the outcome of games.

(On the ability to correct defensive deficiencies)
I am not all that concerned about defensive deficiencies. There are always going to be defensive deficiencies. That is why the games are not ten to eight. People are going to make mistakes and the scores are going to be in the 80’s, 90’s or 100’s. They are human beings and they cannot be perfect in that regard. I am more concerned about the rebounding than I am the defense-defense. If Golden State is going to score 84 points again tonight, I am going to be a happy man. It is not easy to hold them to 84 points but there were a lot of situations where they got second and third shots. I thought they were hungrier and more maniacal about going after the board and 50-50 balls than we were in that game. That is a concern, the board, and the other is our shooting. We have had one good game out of four, as far as shooting goes. Last game was horrendous with 55 from the line when we have been shooting about 80 all year. It is like catching the shooting flu or something all of a sudden. In this round I am concerned about that, but we can do more about the rebounding than the shooting. The shooting will come back or it won’t; the rebounding you can work at.

(On noticing the Warriors)
I think you start getting serious about teams probably about a month before the playoffs, a little bit on each team you think you might play. Film guys start putting films together for you on different teams that you think you are most likely going to play, probably about a month or so ahead of time.

(On learning about the Warriors over the course of the Playoffs)
They are who we thought they were: a young, talented, energetic and motivated team that Marcus formed into a good executing group at both ends of the floor, not just offense. They play good solid “D.” They play hard; they play physically. That is what we expected. That is what we got.