Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Bulls

March 6, 2013

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich:
(On the development of Joakim Noah...)
“The good thing is that he has not forgotten the things that he does well. Sometimes players want to add all these things to their game and sometimes it is just not there. In his case he still plays with great energy, rebounds, plays defense and is ferocious in that regard."

(On if having a key player out of the lineup such as Tony Parker or Derrick Rose is a distraction to the team...)
"Well Coach (Tom) Thibodeau can answer that a lot better than I can. Our guy has been out a game and a half or so but of course you would rather play with guys like that rather than without them. I think more than anything it depends on the character and professionalism of your players. There are two choices; you can cry and moan or you can play the game and compete. The standards are still going to be the same for the team."

(On the availability of Boris Diaw and Gary Neal tonight...)
"Boris is going to play limited minutes, around 10-15 minutes. Gary, will also play very limited minutes."

(With Tony Parker out Coach Pop is asked if Kawhi Leonard has been asked to do more offensively...)
"No, I am not going to go up to anybody telling them that they have to score more. Kawhi is improving week-by-week and the kid has just been a sponge. He wants to be a great player and he is doing everything that great players do to get there. He has the potential in him and the god given gifts. He also has the work ethic and intelligence to understand how it all comes together."

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