Coach Bud Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Hornets

Jan. 23, 2013

Spurs assistant coach Mike Budenholzer:

(On the signing of Aron Baynes…)
“We brought in another international player. He’ been really good for the Australian national team and he has been having a great year over in Europe. He is very athletic, can really run, and can rebound. He is a great screen setter, which Tony, Manu, and our guards are already talking about. The guards always want bigs that set great screens. He does the little things. He does the dirty work. We think he is going to fit in well with our group and hopefully bring something to us.”

(On Aron Baynes athleticism…)
“He is a very good athlete. He can really get up and down the court. He has great feet. You watch him play pick-and-roll defense and he has the ability to switch and do things. Pick-and-roll is such a big part of the game. Having somebody that we feel like is going to be able to help or improve our pick-and-roll defense is a huge addition.”

(On the expected minutes for Manu Ginobili…)
“He is going to be on limited minutes. Hopefully 12-15 (minutes). Maybe a few more. We are giving him a taste and hopefully keep him healthy and moving in the right direction.”

(On the Hornets always giving the Spurs a challenge…)
They are really good defensively. They are physical. It is going to be important for us to stay away from turnovers. That has been a big theme of Popovich’s the past two weeks. It bit us when we played them two weeks ago. Monty (Williams) does a great job with them defensively. That is really where it starts and why they have been able to compete. To score on them is a challenge for us.”