Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Timberwolves

Jan. 13, 2013

(On Rick Adelman keeping Timberwolves competitive despite injuries…)
“He’s been doing a good job wherever he’s been for a long time. He seems to know better than most what to do when there are injuries involved. As we learned when he was in Houston, he did an amazing job with all of the injuries that were there. The same thing has happened in Minnesota. If anyone is going to keep the ship afloat, he’s the one who can.”

(On Nikola Pekovic’s season…)
“He plays the same way every minute that he’s on the court. He always has, wherever he’s been. He’s a big, tough presence out on the court. He plays physically. You know what kind of moves he’s going to make, you know how hard he’s going to work defensively and board, and he does it every night.”

(On trends of increasing foreign players shown by the Spurs and Timberwolves…)
“I think that there’s no one who is hidden these days. Everybody knows where the players are. There are foreign players all over the place in the NBA because there are a lot of good players. If there’s a player who can play out there, teams will go after him. It doesn’t matter what country he’s from. Twenty years ago that was a different deal. People had a lot of prejudices for whatever reasons. Guys don’t speak the language, they don’t adjust socially, they don’t play defense. Whatever it was way back when, that stuff is all out the window. Now there are foreign players that come and fail just like some American kids fail. There’s some that end up being super players, just like the American kids. It’s just a bigger group from which one can pick these days, that’s for sure.”