Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Mavericks

Dec. 23, 2012

(When asked Tim Duncan’s play this season and what he has done to improve in so many areas…)
“Well I don’t know what you mean by improvement. He’s been doing what he’s been doing for the last 16 years. So it’s not like this is something new. He’s been the foundation of our program for 16 years. The fact that he’s done it for so long is a testament is ability to understand on how to take care of his body and be a professional.”

(When asked about all of the “bigs” that have played along side of Tim Duncan, how has Tim been able to adapt to anyone you pair him up with…)
“He’s been really good at creating an environment where everybody that we’ve brought in over the years just left comfortable. He’s been patient enough to allow them to find their place on the court so to speak. He’s had a lot of different combinations and he’s made them all work. He’s such an amazing player.”

(What do you make of this Dallas team that you’re not accustomed to seeing…)
“We’re preparing for them and we don’t know what to do. They always know what to do against us. We always know what to do against them. We win a few, they win a few. But now you look at them and you just go play.”

(How dangerous can O.J. Mayo can be…)
“He’s always been dangerous. He’s a great shooter and a great scorer. He’s an aggressive offensive player. He’s a little more highlighted now than in Memphis, but he’s always been a dangerous scorer.”

(When asked about Nando De Colo and how he told people not to except to much as far as playing time, what has he done to make you feel comfortable to put him in the big spots…)
“Well, his composer on the court. He makes good decisions. Every once and a while he pulls a (Pete) Maravich sort of pass, and he’s not ‘Pistol Pete’ and having said that, he really has a good feel for the game. He involves his teammates. He makes other people better on the court, because of his vision. As I said his demeanor is such that he’s not impressed in big moments. His defense is better than we thought it was. For all of those reasons he’s gotten some time. Chip Engelland has been working with him to get him confident and to get him more discipline. He’s shooting the ball. In this league you have to be able to shoot it a little bit to be effective and he’s gotten better.”