Manu Ginobili Answers the Mailbag

Manu Ginobili answers your questions in this edition of's Mailbag.

Wade Weigelt
Brenham, TX
Manu, how do you make the pick and roll the biggest part of your game?

Manu Ginobili: It just happened. In Europe I didn't play so many, but I started getting better at it and now is my go to play. It's all about reading the defense and attacking their weaknesses.

Nicholas Richardson
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Manu! Hoping all is well for your little Nicola and Dante (2030 Spurs? haha) Anyway, with qualifying for the 2012 Olympics held in Argentina, are you motivated and feeling like you will be able to play in them and the Olympics? Or will you just see when the time comes? Cheers.

MG : I want to play in both. It's going be great to play in Argentina again. We haven't done it since 2001. London is going be unbelievable, too.

Lydia Raygoza-Palacios
San Antonio
So what is more interesting for you these days... to watch the NBA finals or the FIFA World Cup Soccer Games? Other than Argentina who is your favorite team to win the World Cup?

MG : I'm watching more the World Cup nowadays. It's a huge thing for Argentineans and it only happens every 4 years. Brazil, Germany, Spain are the other favorites but soccer is way more unpredictable than basketball. Anything can happen.

Carlos Rodriguez
Chattanooga TN
Manu Ginobili, I want to know if you have a good relationship with the Argentina's, Lionel Messi?

MG : I only met him in Beijing during the Olympics. Didn't have the chance to talk much, we just said hi and introduced each other.

I would like to ask if there is any specific part of your game that you plan to improve during the summer? Also would you like to retire in San Antonio?

MG : I would definitely like to retire in SA. We'll see what happens in the near future. Regarding my summer, I want to keep improving my mid range game, my right hand and I'm planning on strengthening my legs, too, for injury prevention and explosiveness.

My question for you is after the Spurs season was over, you said, "Everybody could tell it wasn't enough, that we were not ever, probably, a championship-caliber team. We were close. But we never made it to that level." What was missing from the team to push it to that level this past season?

MG : We started playing well as a team too late in the season. That put us on the 7th spot and to win it in that situation is really hard. A few teams played better than us and they beat us fair and square. We'll be better next season, for sure.

Where did you develop your euro step move? and do you have any tips for a right handed player to model your moves?

MG : I really don't know. I never copied from anybody and I'm not Euro! It just came natural. The only tip I can give you is to try it many times, the most hours in the gym, the easier it gets.

Corpus Christi, TX
Do you ever have the chance to talk to David Robinson or George Gervin for more than just passer-by chit-chat? Any basketball pointers? or any deep conversational topic you all happen to discuss?

MG : With David I had the chance to talk more since we played together. Now we don't see him as much or spend much time with him. With Ice is always a friendly conversation, but again, we don't see each other very often.

San Antonio
Hey Manu, I'm 13, and I want to improve with my 3 point shots, could you give me some tips?

MG : Listen to your coach to get your technique straight and after that, GO SHOOT! Wide open shots, coming of picks, off the dribble, everything.

Hong Kong
How is your nose?

MG : LONG! As it always been! Just kidding. It's great, it doesn't hurt anymore and I'm breathing well. Just a bit crooked but no big deal. I guess I won't become a male model once done with basketball after all...

Michael Tidwell
Silver Spring, Maryland
Dante or Nicola, who's showing signs of being the better -- passer? -- three-point shooter? -- shot-blocker?

MG : What I can say is that Nico is a better "pooper" and drinker and Dante a better sleeper.

Preguntas Espanol

Manu, que tipos de jugadores considera que debera incorporar los Spurs, para la proxima temporada, un Pivote que ayude a Duncan, un experimentado en defensa?

MG : No tengo preferencias. Solo me gustan los jugadores que entienden el juego, que saben jugar y que quieren ganar. Es lo más importante. Después puedo ponerme mas pretencioso, pero lo anterior es lo principal. Creo que tenemos bien cubiertos todos los roles, pero algunos cambios seguro habrá.

Buenos Aires
Manu, que parte de tu juego crees que mejoraste en estos últimos años y cual es la que crees que todavía podrás mejorar.

MG : Desde que llegué a la NBA mejoré en muchas cosas. Creo que el tiro a media distancia fue lo mas notorio y el uso de la mano derecha en los últimos dos años.

San Antonio
Manu al terminar tu carrera seguir viviendo en san antonio o vas a regresar a tu pais, y para la proxima temporada echenle muchas ganas para quedar campeones otra vez.

MG : No sé con seguridad que voy a hacer en el futuro. Siempre pensé en volver a Argentina y vivir cerca de mi familia, pero de ahora al final de mi carrera, muchas cosas pueden pasar. El tiempo dirá lo suyo. Definitivamente queremos volver a salir campeones, asi que haremos lo posible.