Want To Be A Baseline Bum?

by Raj Singh, spurs.com

If you've come to a Spurs home game chances are you've seen them. They're a loud and energetic bunch but some Spurs fans may wonder who they are. Well it is no mystery, they are the Baseline Bums.

One question the Bums regularly receive is, "How do I become a Bum?" The answer is quite simple, really.

"A lot of people think it's a special secret club and it's very hard to join," Baseline Bums president Juli Blanda said. "If you want to be a season ticket holder and become involved with the Spurs, you can join this group of fans. It's not as difficult as people think it is."

The historical initiation of the Baseline Bums remains an ambiguity to this day, even to Blanda. It is said that none of the original Bums remain on board, but this die-hard group of fans have been around since the Spurs inaugural game with the ABA in 1973.

"Back then, the Bums were a raucous and rowdy group that caused a lot of hassle," she said. "They would sit behind the opponents bench and heckle and harass the other teams; they could get away with a lot more than we can get away with today."

Today, the Baseline Bums consist of the most passionate and dedicated fans that, described by Blanda, bleed silver and black. If heckling would still be tolerated today, these would be the people to instigate it.

Not only do these enthusiasts support the Spurs on the court – they assist the team off the court as well. In past years, the Bums have assisted alongside the Spurs in many community related events.

"Recently, we just helped out with the annual 5k Run / Walk and we help the organization during the golf tournament," she said. "Basically, whenever the Spurs need volunteers, the Baseline Bums are there."

Blanda also added that each year the Bums hold a substantially large blanket and coat drive during the holidays and have continued to do so for the past seven years. In addition the group has hosted a fundraiser in March of every year for the past nine years. Since then, the Bums have collected nearly $100,000. All of which has gone to local institutions such as the Spurs Foundation, the Carver Academy, and the George Gervin Youth Center, just to name a few. Furthermore, the Bums work with former Spurs players such as Johnny Moore, Mike Mitchell, and George Gervin.

With all of her support both on and off the court, the president of the Baseline Bums was not hesitant to express her pride.

"I'm very passionate about being a Baseline Bum," she said. "We really appreciate the image the Spurs have in the community, and that's how we want to be seen as well."

Blanda insisted that if you ask any member of the devoted Bums what their favorite thing about being a part of the group is, they will say it's the camaraderie.

"There's so much history behind us and we're an organization that's more than just a group of Spurs fans. We're really a family and we think of the Spurs as family as well."

How to Become a Bum
The Baseline Bums have a limited number of vacancies and are currently accepting membership applications for the 2009-2010 Spurs Season. In addition to the application, those interested will be interviewed by Bum membership committee members to ensure they understand what the requirements are and review Bum benefits. The Bum's are looking for die-hard Spurs fans who are willing to donate 25 hours of Spurs designated volunteer work in lieu of significantly discounted season tickets, pay $30 annual membership dues, sell raffle tickets and support the Spurs in an enthusiastic, positive manner.

If you'd like more information on the Baseline Bums or would like to apply for membership, please stop by Fatso's, visit www.baselinebums.org, or email BLBSecretary@aol.com.