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Entry #27 - The Return of the Sandwich Hunter
by Matt Bonner

After several years on hiatus, the much-acclaimed Sandwich Hunter blog is making a comeback. A blog known for discussing all things having to do with the especially important world issue of finding the greatest sandwich. Could anything possibly be more noble and pure? I think not. Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant, extraterrestrial life, the missing link… Why is humanity wasting its time searching for such trivial things when the hoagie grail still eludes us?

Before I move on, I would like to address something. For some reason, I keep getting hounded about whether or not there will be any more Coach B videos. How the heck do I know? I haven’t heard anything from Coach B for years. It’s as if he’s disappeared off the face of the earth. Which makes me wonder, is he even human? Anyways, after scouring the globe (AKA searching the internet), the only trace I’ve been able to find of Coach B is the following:

Now, back to the sandwich blog. This year, instead of strictly just searching for the best sandwich on the planet, I’m going to focus on more “outside the box” subject matter. You can expect some video entries, tours, trips down memory lane, interviews (hopefully with rappers), and I might even tackle a few social issues.

So keep your ears peeled.