Spurs Mailbag: Patty Mills - Part 1

Location: Austin, TX
Question: I know that you are a long way from home, but how often do you get to go home to visit? Merry Christmas!

Patty Mills: Merry Christmas back! I go home every summer. I’ve been part of the National Teams, so playing for Australia in the Olympics and World Cups, we usually have some tours and camps each summer. This summer is the World Championship so going back there but it’s all for playing basketball, so the time that I get home is only a couple weeks of that.


TJ Herbert
Location: Spanish Fork, UT
Question: Patty, what enabled you to stay patient/positive and not get discouraged before your opportunity this year to get some consistent playing time? I ask, because for most people that's a difficult thing to do.

PM: I think it was a learning curve and I took it as a learning experience. For a chance for me to learn from Tony (Parker) and go up against him everyday and really see how he approaches games and practices. I was patient because I was learning stuff everyday even though I wasn’t playing. I knew that I wanted to be here and I knew I wanted to make a contribution to this team, therefore I was patient and it motivated me to work even harder, to earn the right.


Joel Rodriguez
Location: San Antonio, TX
Question: How do you do that catch and shoot from the 3 with hands in your face?!?! That was sweet. You have obviously improved since last season. What did you do to prepare yourself for this season?

PM: I think confidence is a big thing, just knowing what you’re good at and trying to stick with that and strengthening it even more. The three point shot is obviously a big part in the game and because I am so short, a lot of people, you know it’s easier for them to contest or to get a hand. To combat that I need to get the shot off quicker so there are a few minor things that I changed to get the shot off quicker and it’s tough but I stuck with it.


AJ Villanueva
Location: San Antonio, TX
Question: If you did not play basketball what would you be doing?

PM: Hopefully I would still be in good enough shape to play another sport and that sport would be Australian Rules Football back home. I’m not sure for what team but some team back home.


Blake Roadhouse
Location: Calgary Alberta, Canada
Question: Patty, what's happen to your exciting towel show from the side lines? I really enjoyed it

PM: I still do it every now and again but at the same time, when I’m on the bench I need to save my energy for when I go in cause towel waving is very tiring at times.


Location: Memphis, TN
Question: If you have time, can we get another towel waving tutorial? I think I’ve grasped your pervious towel moves, so I wanted to take this opportunity to ask the Master if there are more!

PM: Not yet (laughs), still got to master the originals.


Robert Ramos
Location: Philippines
Question: Patty, where's your favorite vacation spot? You should visit the Philippines and see our beaches! And have you tried Filipino food? You should try the balut.

PM: Seeing as though I’m a long way from home, when there’s time to have time off I’d rather just go home more than anything I think. A vacation spot at home would be ideal. I don’t think I have (referring to the Filipino food question).


Geoff Matlock
Location: Salem, OR
Question: Patty, I don't have a question. I just wanted to take this opportunity as a life long Trail Blazer fan to say thank you for all the heart and effort I saw you give our team. As a U.S. Marine I recognize heart, grit, and determination. You have all three in abundance. So from the bottom of my heart thank you!

PM: Wow. Nice. That is great to hear.


Curtis Prout
Location: Melbourne
Question: Hey Patty, My wife and I are coming over from Melbourne to see the last round of Spurs games through Texas in April(cant wait !). Can you recommend some things for us to do in San Antonio. PS can we crash on your couch? GO SPURS GO!

PM: That’s a question for the locals. For someone who hasn’t been to San Antonio you’ve gotta see the River Walk and the Alamo and the Tower of the Americas. I haven’t even been there (Tower of the Americas). You’ve gotta go to a Spurs game. Austin is only an hour away if you like music, there’s all types of music up there which I like. San Marcos, gotta hit the outlets up for some good bargains. I would let you crash on my couch but there’s probably a few other people taking those spots.