Spurs Mailbag: Tony Parker - Part 1

Christian Høj
Location: Denmark
Question: Congrats with the Euro result and good luck with the season. What is your favorite move on the court?

Tony Parker: I have to say my teardrop, that's my favorite shot. Overall, I'm a big student of the game, very passionate about it. I like playing basketball all the time, and I hope to play as long as I can.


Beau Davis
Location: Perth Australia
Question: I bring the ball down and find I get locked outside the 3 point line a lot. How can I work on getting inside?

TP: To work on gettting inside, go inside. Just stop thinking about it.


Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Question: Tony, What legacy do you want to leave with the Spurs organization and the fans of the Spurs?

TP: That I was a winner. That I competed every game, and even after all those years, after 13 years in the league, I still wanted to win and still wanted to compete. When I retire, I want people to say that when he was playing, we were winning.


Robert Zamora
Location: Laredo, Texas
Question: Hey Tony, where can I get a pair of your Peak shoes?

TP: Everywhere now. You can get them on the Peak website.


Michelle Fondren
Location: College Station, Texas
Question: Which team do you look forward to playing the most each season?

TP: I like when we play the Texas teams, Houston and Dallas. I like our rivalry against Oklahoma City too.


Kai-Hsun Teng
Location: Kai-Hsun Teng - Taiwan
Question: I'm a huge fan of San Antonio Spurs.Of course, you are my favorite player.This moment the Spurs officially give us this opportunity to ask some question to you. I really want to be a better player, but I don't know how to train, and how to strengthen my mental ability. Go Spurs Go !!

TP: I think that [being mentally tough] is something you have or you don't have. It comes as you learn basketball, and depends on how succesful you want to be. I don't think there is a special exercise to work on that.


Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Question: Who inspired you to develop your killer floater?

TP: I've been doing that since I was small, because I was very small growing up. It took me a long time to grow a little bit, so that was the only way for me to shoot the ball over the bigs. So, I created that shot because it was the only way I could score, and so I guess by doing it all the time every day it became a great shot for me.


Nicole Baghdasaryan
Location: Los Angeles, California
Question: This summer I went to Cannes and Nice and had a lot of French cuisine (even the frog legs and escargo). I was wondering what your favorite food cuisine is?!

TP: I like both, I like the frog legs and the escargo. I'm a big restaurant guy. I love eating great food and going to great restaurants, and I love drinking wine. That's why with Pop, we always try to find the best restaurants in town, and try to enjoy our meal.