Spurs Mailbag: Boris Diaw

Cindy Paras
Location: San Antonio
Question: If you weren't playing professional basketball for a living, what do you think you'd be doing?

Boris Diaw: No idea. When I was a kid I always said a basketball player, or a sports teacher like my mom or lawyer like my dad.

Jonathan Tatum

Location: Atlanta
Question: What retired NBA players do you model your game after?

BD: Magic Johnson. I modeled my game after him, but I couldn't do it. He was my favorite player growing up.


Location: Mauritius
Question: Boris, what do you prefer, a game where you have 10 assists or a game where you score 15-20 points? Why? (assuming the spurs win the game)

BD: 10 assist, because it's more rewarding. It makes you happy and your teammates happy.

Ke'lyn Foy

Location: Charlotte, NC
Question: At what point of your life did you realize that being a professional basketball player was a possibility?

BD: It had always been a dream growing up, but you always think it's just a dream. You keep practicing and playing and at some point pro teams in France, when I was about 17, ask you to play for them.

Chris Langer
Location: DFW
Question:Hey Boris, what is it like to have two fellow French national teammates on the same team? Just how much does that really benefit team chemistry?

BD: It's always good to have some guys from the same country, especially for Nando for his integration. TP has been here for 12 years and I've been here for 10, we can speak French, eat some French food. It's easier.


Location: Denmark
Question: What kind of music do you listen to?

BD: My iPod, so anything and everything.

Location: New York
Question: How is it like being part of the most diverse culture team in NBA?

BD: Its good. Different players have different experience from different countries. It's a good melting pot; it brings more to talk about.

Location: Japan
Question: Who is the funniest guy on the team?

BD: The one who says the most jokes on a daily basis is Jack. He likes to tell jokes and have fun. Someone who is quiet funny is Matt Bonner. Every time he says something it's funny!

Location: Los Angeles
Question: Do you talk to Tony and Nando in French during game time?

BD: Yeah, definitely. Sometimes it's easier and quicker to speak French when you're out of breath. The other players can't understand what you're saying. I can tell them to do a back door cut and the other players wont understand.

Location: Philippines
Question: I love the way you play basketball! but I saw a video of you cooking crepes, and just want to know what is your favorite fillings/stuffings for the crepe (food enthusiast here =D)

BD: For crepes it depends. For the salty one I like it pretty simple, we call it the complete. Its egg, cheese, and ham, it's the base one. For a sweet one, it's Nutella and bananas.

San Antonio
Question: Hi Boris! Does it feel weird playing for the Spurs after those heated rivalry games with the Suns?

BD: A little bit, but it's not like we hate one another. We want to win, but it's always in a gentlemanly manner. I kind of knew about the team from Tony already.

Maggie Hill
San Antonio
Question: I have always wondered what foods do the Spurs eat before the game. Do they eat 2 hours before the game?

BD: I always eat pasta. I've been doing that since I was a kid. My mom always had us eat carbs on game days.

TJ Herbert
Location: Spanish Fork, UT
Question: Boris, I love your versatility. Which is more challenging- guarding 3's that are fast and athletic or guarding 4's and 5's that are big and strong?

BD: It depends. It depends on the player, if he's fast and athletic then it's ok, it's more of the two (shooting guard) that can shoot and drive that are hard to keep up with.