Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: April 20: Denver

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Entry #25 - Zaidy's Deli: Denver
by Matt Bonner

A couple of months ago, San Antonio Express-News sports writer Mike Monroe came up to me with a sandwich recommendation.  He said the next time we go to Denver, I had to try the meatloaf sandwich from Zaidy's Deli.  So when I got to my hotel room in The Mile High City last night, I remembered his tip and googled Zaidy's.  Turns out it was only a few blocks away! 

I woke up the next day and went down to the lobby to meet my good friend, Travis Nelsen.  Travis is the former drummer of the band Okkervil River (check out the Memphis blog song of the day to see him).  We started the five block walk to Zaidy's.  It was a glorious day in the Cherry Creek neighborhood.  The sun was shining and the thin mountain air was cool and crisp. 

We made it to our destination and walked in the front door.  I noticed a poster for an upcoming Sublime concert on the wall.  I found it strange that they were still touring despite the death of their lead singer years ago.  I kinda thought Bradley Nowell made the band...

Anyways, we were seated at the last available booth and given menus.  At first glance I could tell that Zaidy's was my kind of restaurant.  It was a Jewish-style deli with tons of sandwiches, soups, salads, house specialties, an amazing looking breakfast menu, and an absurd amount of homemade desserts.

Since I didn't eat breakfast, I was starving.  So I ordered an egg-white omelette and a meatloaf sandwich with homemade french fries.  Travis also went with the meatloaf sandwich.  We were putting a lot of faith in Mike Monroe...

The food came and everything looked amazing.  I ate my omelette first and it was delicious.  Then it was on to the meatloaf sandwich.  It consisted of homemade meatloaf, jack cheese, onions, and russian dressing between two pieces of fresh baked bread.  Travis and I both thought it was weird to put Russian dressing on meatloaf, but it worked.  The sandwich was excellent and the homemade fries were the perfect complement.

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