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I shifted the conversation to sandwiches and asked them to name their favorite of all time.  They both agreed that the grilled cheese from The Highland Park Pharmacy in Dallas is the greatest sandwich ever.  The Highland Park Pharmacy is an old school soda fountain cafe in Dallas.  I asked what makes their grilled cheese so good?  According to Chris and David, the secret ingredient isn't an ingredient at all.  Apparently, they are still using the same sandwich press since they opened in 1912!  That's pretty amazing if you think about it.  That press has seen almost a century of societal change.  It's a refreshing story in a world of constant technological improvement and innovation.

We had a great time at SXSW.  We got to hang out with friends and see some good music.  Some day when I have more time, I will go to the festival for the whole week and get the full experience. 

Sandwich Quote of the Day: "I don't need music, lobster or wine / Whenever your eyes look into mine; The things I long for are simple and few: / A cup of coffee, a sandwich, and you!" -- Billy Rose

Song of the Day (guest pick by Gorilla vs. Bear):Back to the Sea by The Sandwitches

#3 on 1960's Countdown: Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan (1965)
Dylan's amazing folky melodies and poetic lyrics practically defined the '60s.  This video, billed as "the night Dylan went electric", is from the 1965 Newport Jazz Festival.

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