Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: March 22: Cleveland

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Entry #21 - Presto Sandwiches: Cleveland
by Matt Bonner

There are certain things that everyone associates with Cleveland: The Drew Carey Show, Major League, The Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, Bone Thugs 'n Harmony… But here are a couple random facts that I found interesting: Hector Boiardi was a resident of Cleveland. In fact, he opened his first restaurant on Woodland Avenue in 1926. You might know him better as "Chef Boy-ar-dee". I never thought he was a real person, but he is. Also in Cleveland, is the actual house from "A Christmas Story". It has been converted into a museum which pays tribute to the holiday classic. I definitely have to check that out someday.

One thing I can say for sure, Cleveland has the most seagulls I've ever seen in my life. Our hotel looked out onto the Cuyahoga River and there were literally thousands and thousands of seagulls flying around the port. Maybe they all came off Lake Erie to hangout for the winter? Maybe there's garbage, or some other waste product they feed on there? It looked like an Alfred Hitchcock movie... Regardless, whatever predator eats seagulls shouldn't have a tough time surviving the winter in Cleveland.

There were several sandwich shops within walking distance from the hotel, so I had to decide where to go. I received a tip from a local Clevelander to hit up the "Melt Bar and Grilled". Apparently, it has been voted the best sandwich in Cleveland for three years running. Unfortunately, it is a 15 minute drive from downtown, so I did not have time to check it out (hopefully next time).

I decided to get my sandwich from Presto Sandwiches. It was located in a really cool building called the "Old Arcade". I don't really know how to explain it (I tried to take a picture), but it was like going back in time. Anyways, Presto looked good. It was small, located in an amazing building, and it had smoothies on the menu. The smoothies are what sold me. Since I gave up sweets for Lent, that's the closest I get to dessert.

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