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Subway is the "O.G." of national corporate sandwich chains. It all started back in 1965. And they grew and grew. Now you can find Subways in malls, airports, and even gas stations. It has grown into the biggest sandwich chain in the world. There are over 32,000 Subway locations in 91 countries!

Subway does not possess The Hoagie Grail, but it is very solid and dependable. I'm a fan of Subway. They have a good chip selection and tasty fresh baked cookies. But more importantly, they are everywhere and always the same. Whether you go to Subway in Vermont or Texas or Italy or Tanzania (I've eaten at Subway in all these locations), your sandwich will be basically the same. This consistency is one of the reasons for Subway's success… you always know what you're getting.

I would like to take this moment to address one "beef" I have with Subway:  his name is Jared Fogle.  Jared has been a spokesman for Subway for the last 10 years after losing 245 pounds by only eating Subway subs.  I heard Jared has not stayed true to his "Subway diet" in recent months.  Regardless, I think I eat more subs than Jared.  I challenge him on this.  So Jared…  you, me, sub eating contest.  Anytime.  Anywhere. 

Sandwich Quote of the Day: Today's quote doesn't have to do with sandwiches.  We were walking back to the hotel after dinner on Saturday night in Memphis and some guy went up to Ian Mahinmi and said, "Who are you?  Horace Grant?"  We all thought that was hilarious.

Song of the Day:  For Real by Okkervil River

#7 on 1960s Countdown - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes by Crosby, Stills and Nash (1969): Despite their many hits, this is my favorite CSN song.  And you can't have a 60's countdown without Woodstock…

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