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**** It would be remiss of me to not briefly discuss a local staple when it comes to sandwiches:  Wawa.  In the Philadelphia area, you can find a Wawa on practically every other corner.   In fact, I got a turkey sub from one two blocks from our hotel after we played the 76ers.  Aside from being fun to say, Wawa's are great.  They are a full service convenience store and deli and are usually open 24 hours a day.  Subs are made fresh and they use self-service touchscreen computers for orders.  I walked in, found an open computer, and ordered my sub by using the touchscreen to pick exactly what I wanted in my sandwich.  It then printed out a receipt so I could go pay while my sub was being made.  By the time I grabbed my drink and chips and paid, my sandwich was ready.  It was definitely a system of efficiency.  And the subs are very good.  So for all you sandwich fans who either need one really quick or are craving one at a really late hour, Wawa is the answer.

Sandwich Quote of the day: Meatball hoagie, guacamole, chicken patty, apple fritter, peanut butter sandwich with the crust cut off for the kids…  Look at all this beautiful food! -Edan

Song of the day:This one seems appropriate: I-76 by G. Love and Special Sauce

#9 on the 1960s Countdown:
The Kinks were one of the most influential "British Invasion" bands of the 1960s.  This is just one of their many hits.

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