Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: March 1: Philadelphia

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Entry #18 - Pat's vs. Geno's (...and Wawa): Philadelphia
by Matt Bonner








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I'm a huge fan of the game show "Family Feud".  It was on TV the other day and Al Borland from "Home Improvements" was the new host, and he was still rocking the beard… I thought that was hilarious!  Anyways, I think if the category was: What's the first word that comes to mind when I say "Philly"?  Then CHEESESTEAK would be the number 1 answer. 

The city of Philadelphia takes full advantage of this reputation.  They sell Philly Cheese Steaks everywhere.  But the two most famous places are Pat's King of Steaks and Geno's Steaks. 

The Eagles versus the Cowboys.  The Flyers versus the Penguins.  The Big 5.  Rocky Balboa versus Ivan Drago.  State Property versus Ruff Ryders.  Philadelphia has its fair share of rivalries.  But perhaps the greatest of all is Pat's versus Geno's.

It just so happens that the two biggest and most famous cheese steak spots are right across the street from each other.  They literally face each other in a perpetual stalemate stare down.  My taxi driver told me in the summer it gets so busy, that the two lines of customers actually touch in the middle of the street.  It is not uncommon to get chants of "Geno's!" and "Pat's!" going back and forth. 

Randomly located in a south Philly neighborhood, both establishments really give you that local feel.  They both have a ridiculously large photograph collection of celebrities who have eaten there.  They both only offer outdoor dining.  They both have basically the same menus.  And they both claim to have the best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.  So which one should I eat at?  I decided both.

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