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I remember when Panera first opened in my hometown of Concord, New Hampshire.  I loved it.  There were multiple sandwiches on the menu I really liked.  But ten years later and those sandwiches are gone off the menu.  I think Panera is trying too hard with their sandwich ingredients and combinations.  I also think their rapid expansion into the world of franchising has affected their quality.  It's still a good lunch spot, but not like it used to be. 

**** I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my song of the day.  So to expand upon that, I will be chronicling my favorite 10 songs from the 1960s.  One song per blog as I count down to number 1...

Honorable Mention
15. Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (1969)
14. Donovan - Season of the Witch (1966)
13. Van Morrison - Sweet Thing (1968)
12. Sam Cooke - A Change is Gonna Come (1964)
11. The Crystals - And Then He Kissed Me (1963)

#10:  Otis Redding - Can't Turn You Loose (1965)
Sadly, Otis Redding died in a plane crash at the young age of 26.  Yet in his short career he became one of the greatest and most influential soul singers ever.  It was really hard to pick just one song by him…  But I found this video and fell in love with it's energy.  You can see why The Blues Brothers chose to cover it.

Song of the Day: Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

Sandwich Quote of the Day:
"I see a man taking a break in his highly structured life, reading a newspaper in the park, or a young man sitting on a curb eating a sandwich and reading a book, taking the moment for himself.  I celebrate these moments in bronze." - J. Steward Johnson, Jr

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