Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: February 16: Santa Monica

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Entry #16 - Broadway Deli: Santa Monica, CA
by Matt Bonner

I would like to start this entry with an apology. There is a certain someone who got wicked sensitive about being half-mentioned in my Sacramento blog. So Shmip, I'm sorry… hahaha!

This week we had the good fortune of playing consecutive road games against the Clippers and Lakers. The result: 5 days in L.A. Per usual, we stayed near the beach in Santa Monica… I know, poor us. My wife took advantage of the favorable schedule and got the grandparents to watch the baby so she could meet up. My road activities normally consist of reading, movies, building up my team on Baseball Stars, and take-out. She had other plans. Walks, nice dinners, shopping, etc. took over my free time. But we did have a really good time for our first trip together without the baby.

My favorite activity was taking a bike ride along the sea to Venice Beach. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon so there were a ton of people out. When we reached the start of the endless lineup of vendors we got off our bikes to walk. It took all my will to resist the urge to get a henna tattoo, have my palm read, and get my name inscribed on a grain of rice. There was one stand that was actually selling something I thought was really cool. There were giant spiders and scorpions in the middle of these glass balls. They were the most interesting paper weights I'd ever seen.

The weirdos were out in full force. I saw a man on stilts walking around dressed like a tree-man (see pic). I was almost blinded by some 50+ year old man walking around in a speedo thong bathing suit (sorry no picture). I witnessed the fabulous art of roller breakdancing. And finally, I saw another whack-job tooling around on a segway (see pic… haha!).

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