Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: Feb. 1, 2010 - Winston-Salem

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Entry #13 - Hero House: Winston-Salem, N.C.
by Matt Bonner

As if one sandwich hunt in the great state of North Carolina wasn't enough, I had the opportunity for a second on the plane ride to Memphis after the game. It came via my teammate and hero (no pun intended).

Tim Duncan attended Wake Forest University, which is located an hour and a half north of Charlotte in Winston-Salem.

Apparently, tobacco isn't their most famous export. In my book, it's sandwiches. As a matter of fact, they should change the name of the city to Hoagie-Grinder (that might be my worst joke yet).

Every time we play the Bobcats, Tim gets a fresh supply of delicious sandwiches from the Hero House brought to him by his sister (who lives in Winston-Salem and drives down for the game). Not only is Tim Duncan a team player on the court, but he's a team player when it comes to sandwiches as well.

This time around, he brought a box of 28 sandwiches to share with his teammates after the game. Is he a great guy or what? Truly a generous giant…

Can you imagine walking into a sub shop and ordering 28 sandwiches? I would love to walk into a Subway, order 28 subs, and then watch the 17 year old sandwich artist's face turn white as panic sets in.

We all got onto the plane and word of Tim's sandwich supply spread like wildfire. I had already reserved a chicken souvlaki sub and the remaining 27 sandwiches disappeared faster than you can say "Tim Biakabutuka". I opened my sandwich, spread the Taziki sauce, and went to town.

DeJuan, who sits next to me on the plane, also had a chicken souvlaki sub. We shared an interesting conversation about sandwiches while we ate. It turns out that DeJuan is a huge fan of corned beef sandwiches and also gyros. I like his taste in sandwiches (ok, last pun I promise).

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