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I arrived at The Sandwich Club and asked what their best sandwich was.  They gave me several options to choose from so I picked the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich.  It consisted of a breaded chicken cutlet, ham, swiss cheese, and spicy mustard on a sub roll.  It came hot with the cheese melted and the bread fresh.  The best part about The Sandwich Club was the supporting cast.  By that I mean the chips, drinks, and desserts.  The selection was amazing!  They had everything from pita chips to sweet potato chips to cake to cookies to specialty juices to soda and everything in between. 

I grabbed my food to go and cut through the park out front on my way back to the hotel.  There was an interesting display of signs detailing exactly how far you were from a myriad of locations across the country.  As you can see from the photo, I was 1275 miles from Texas!  I also found an interesting display of fish statues.  The fish and the sign display are definitely two things you don't see everyday.

The sandwich turned out ok.  It was solid.  Nothing to write home about, but solid.  My Nantucket Nectars, sweet potato chips and chocolate chip cookie bar made up for what the sandwich was lacking.  I would still recommend The Sandwich Club and with over 30 different sandwiches on their menu who knows…  Maybe the hoagie grail alluded me.  But I think it's still out there.

Sandwich Quote of the Day: "You should realize that the community with which you deal is not the one of 42nd Street and Broadway, or Hollywood and Vine.  These are the crusts of the great American sandwich.  The meat is in between." -- Fulton John Sheen

Song of the day:These Old Shoes by Deer Tick

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