Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: Jan. 19, 2010 - Oklahoma City

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Entry #11 - Hobby's Hoagies: Oklahoma City
by Matt Bonner

I woke up on gameday, got changed, and hopped on the team bus. Myself, along with Michael Finley, Ian Mahinmi, and Dejuan Blair were heading to the arena for some extra shooting. As soon as I entered The Ford Center, I observed my impressive surroundings. The first thing I noticed were the numerous jumbotrons. There was one at each end, and one on all four sides of the hanging scoreboard. I was also amazed at the size and comfort of the seats. Thunder fans have it good… they were all padded and very spacious. I wanted to take a picture and mail it to Terry Francona and John Henry, after all the times I ate my knees while watching Red Sox games at Fenway Park growing up.

Finally, I observed the various banners and signs hanging in the rafters. One of them caught my interest. It had an official seal on it and read: "The City of Oklahoma City". I know it's technically correct, but I found this humorously redundant. Isn't it assumed that you are a city if that very word is in your name? Would you say "The Island of Long Island" or "The Village of Santa's Village" or "The Beach of Laguna Beach"?

Just as I've always wanted to see a UFO or ghost, I've always wanted to see a tornado. Oklahoma is in "Tornado Alley" so I'm always hoping to see one when we play there (from a distance, of course). Unfortunately, that did not happen this time around.

Oklahoma City is quite pleasant. The downtown area has many good restaurants, museums, and entertainment. Also, similar to Texas, the people are great. They are friendly and definitely love their sports. I can see why there is such a big Longhorn/Sooner rivalry.

Although there were many sandwich shops in downtown Oklahoma City, finding a suitable one was quite difficult. I compiled my list of prospects off of Google and Urban Spoon and took it to the concierge to narrow it down. I started naming off names of spots and got luke warm reactions from the hotel staff. That is until I got to Hobby's Hoagies. Everyone agreed that they had great sandwiches and I might have some success there.

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