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Page 2 - Carnegie Deli: New York City

Gary: "Hey Matt, why don't you try and gain 200 pounds so you can look like your father." Dad: "Good one Gary. Just remember, I can lose weight. But you can't do anything about that face."

Lucky for us, Gary and Marilyn had been holding a spot in line for the past 15 minutes. I tried to avoid making eye contact with the dozens of people behind us in line who were less than pleased that 8 people just joined the line ahead of them. By some miracle, after waiting for only 5 minutes, a lady came out of the deli and led us inside to a table for 10. I can only assume that they had an opening at a large table and there were no other big parties ahead of us.

Once inside, the first thing I noticed was the atmosphere. It truly felt like a historic and special place to have a sandwich. The waitresses were seasoned veterans, the tables were packed, and the walls were covered with autographed photos of celebrity customers. It's unbelievable how many famous people have eaten there. I'm talking everyone from Bill Murray to Barack Obama to Diamond Dallas Page.

We sat down and the waitress put out some plates of their homemade pickles. My wife is a huge pickle fan so I know she would have appreciated the complementary appetizer had she been present. After eating some pickles, we ordered our food. I started with some matzoh ball soup. The matzoh balls were the size of tennis balls!

I asked what the "go to" sandwich is at Carnegie Deli and the waitress pointed to the "Woody Allen" on the menu. It was a sandwich of gargantuan proportions made up of half corned beef and half pastrami. When the sandwich arrived I could hardly believe it. I split it with my brother since nobody in their right mind should attempt to eat the whole thing (see pictures).

I took my first bite. There's a reason Carnegie Deli is the most famous sandwich shop in the world. Years of perfecting their recipe of cured meats has culminated to the creation of the very sandwich I had the privilege to consume: "The Woody Allen". With this particular sandwich and deli, it's about the meat. And it was delicious! Tasty, tender and juicy. It literally melted in my mouth. I'm not a huge pastrami and corned beef guy, but I highly doubt you can find better anywhere else in the world.

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