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I put my items into a bag. They make the customer bag their own food to save time. Quite efficient, if you think about it. I left and trudged through the snow back to my hotel room. I ate my sandwich and chips while watching "Hall and Oates, Live at the Troubadour" on TV. I took my first bite just as "She's Gone" was finishing up. The bread was moist and fresh, the mayo just right, and the meat and veggies were quite tasty. The Tom's Turkey has sprouts instead of lettuce which I think is a nice touch. My cookie for dessert was another story. Jimmy John's normally has delicious cookies so I was quite disappointed when I bit into it and tasted staleness, just as Daryl Oates was ripping into an acoustic guitar solo during "Rich Girl". The cookie was dry and crumbled in my mouth. I'm going to assume this is an isolated incident since it's the first such occurrence since I've been eating at Jimmy John's.

All in all, it was another solid lunch from Jimmy John's. In my opinion, they are in the upper echelon of sandwich shops when it comes to the national chains. Contrary to their front window sign, they do not have the greatest gourmet sandwiches in the world. They have great sandwiches, but not the greatest. I look forward to eating at Jimmy John's for years to come!

Sandwich Quote of the Day: This quote doesn't really have to do with sandwiches.  Before the game against the Milwaukee Bucks, I ran into Kelvin Sampson.  Coach Sampson is currently an Assistant Coach for the Bucks and worked with the Spurs a couple years back.  He imparted some wisdom upon me and I promised I would use it in my blog.  So that is what I will be sharing with all of you for the quote of the day…

"If you chase two rabbits, you won't catch either of them." -Kelvin Sampson

Song of the Day: Bedouin Soundclash - When the Night Feels My Song

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