Matt Bonner's Sandwich Hunter: Dec. 28, 2009 - Santa Monica

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Entry #7 - Bay Cities Deli: Santa Monica, Calif.
by Matt Bonner

Much to my wife's chagrin, corduroys and a shirt-jacket are two mainstays in my wardrobe. She claims my sense of fashion has a striking resemblance to one of TV's most frustrating character's: Larry David. In my mind, our similarities end there, with the exception that I also aspire to have a sandwich named after me some day (see Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5, episode 1). However, I can't help but relate to "L.D." whenever we make the trip to the City of Angels. Despite all of the fancy restaurants, bistros, and cafes, I inevitably find myself walking the streets of Santa Monica in search of a good sandwich. And as with Larry, I inevitably find myself in the middle of some awkward social adventure.

There was the time I almost got a ticket for jay walking. The irony of this situation, is that jay walking is my second biggest phobia (needles is first). When I was in junior high, my friend Erik Strand (see my Chicago Blog) and I decided to ride our bikes across town to go lift weights. We went into the garage to grab a couple bikes and my dad came out and told us to wear helmets. "Helmets? No way! Helmets are for losers!" We replied as we left the driveway. Like most 8th graders, we thought we knew everything.

It was smooth sailing until we reached Loudon Road, one of the busiest streets in Concord. We pressed the "walk button" and waited for our turn to cross the street. It came, and we started across the 5 lanes. Erik was riding his bike directly in front of me and while crossing the 4th lane of traffic, he was struck by a car traveling quite fast. He was knocked hard to the ground. I could see blood on his face and he was holding his arm. I went into a mental fog. I was quite traumatized. Keep in mind this all happened about 4 feet in front of me. I finally snapped out of it, got his bike out of the road and looked to see where the car that hit him had gone. I saw it turn into a Wendy's parking lot about 500 feet up the street. I took off on my bike like a bat out of hell and flew to the Wendy's. When I got there the car was gone, so I called 9-1-1 on a pay phone (this was before cellphones), but by then I could already hear sirens racing to the scene.

All things considered, we were very lucky. Erik escaped with a broken wrist being his most serious injury. To this day, as a result of that incident, I always wear my helmet and I am always overly cautious when it comes to crossing streets. I told the Santa Monica police officer this story. He patiently listened to me and agreed that my jaywalking was clearly an isolated oversight. I was let off with a warning.

Then there was the time the convenience store owner wanted to buy my laundry bag. Whenever we finish practice or walkthrough on the road, we put our dirty clothes into a mesh laundry bag. Our equipment guy can put this mesh bag (with the practice gear still in it) into the washing machine and dryer and then return it back to us clean. It's a method of logistics and efficiency since this allows him to avoid having to sort through and organize15 different sets of practice gear.

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