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Two Fates Collide

Is it fate?  It has to be, right?  I mean, think of everything that had to take place for me to eat at Potbelly's in Chicago and be writing about it right now on an airplane for the Spurs website while Manu Ginobili shows me pictures of a snake eating a lizard in his yard.  Matt Bonner and Peter Hastings: two sandwich men whose fates would collide.

See if you can follow this:  Peter Hastings opened a sandwich shop in 1977.  It was good enough to survive the last 30+ years and expand into hundreds of shops nationwide.  During the expansion of Potbelly's, I got my first job at a convenience store with a deli where I would fall in love with sandwiches.  Then I somehow made it to the NBA out of the basketball hotbed of New Hampshire.  Since Potbelly's expanded and opened shops nationwide, I started eating there while on the road with the Toronto Raptors.  I quickly became a big fan of Potbelly's.  Next, I got traded to San Antonio.  Now it's three years later and I get a sandwich blog.  This blog and the years of eating at Potbelly's lead me to pay tribute to Peter Hastings by eating at one of his shops in the city where his sandwich empire began, for my blog.  It's like the butterfly effect or something...

Bottom line:  Potbelly's rocks.  I am a big fan.  Everything is good: smoothies, shakes, cookies, chips, sandwiches, etc.  While I did not find the great American sandwich there, I did have a great lunch.  So the search continues.  Until next time.

Sandwich Quote of the Day: I order the club sandwich all the time, but I'm not even a member, man. I don't know how I get away with it. -- Mitch Hedberg

Song of the Day: Diamond Rings 2007 by Deer Tick

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