One-on-One with Richard Jefferson (cont.)'s Ben Hunt had the opportunity to sit down and have a light hearted and fun interview with Richard Jefferson. Some of the questions asked were supplied by @spurs Twitter followers.

From @rataeluehara: How confident are you for the upcoming season?

RJ: I'm very confident. I know Tim, I know Pop, I'm looking forward to just being in here at the gym and getting better with these players. I'm looking forward to this opportunity, I think there are going to be a lot of eyes on our team, on me, on how I mesh with the team. Hopefully it'll all work and there's a lot of pressure to deliver but I'm looking forward to all of that pressure.

From @markanguiano: How well do you think you mesh with the Spurs type of play?

RJ: Only time will tell, but I believe on paper things look great. To come in at the three spot, there is no "am I a two, or am I a three or a four," there's none of that. We have Tony at the one, Manu's a two, myself at the three, Tim at the four and McDyess at the five .

One of the things you look at with this organization is they have put in pieces that fit at the positions and spots they believe they need help.

Then you have guys who have been doing their job. You have Michael Finley, Roger (Mason Jr.) who have been great at their jobs in those spots. All this is just going to make our team even stronger.

BH: You mentioned Tim, Tony and Manu and you've played against them for quite some time, what excites you most about playing on the court in the same jersey as those guys now?

RJ: One - running with Tony. You know I had Jason Kidd for a lot of years and Tony right now is in the prime of his game. He is one of the top two or three point guards in this league, one of the best scoring point guards. To be out there on the break with him is something I'm really looking forward to.

Another thing is just chilling out on the half court set and throwing it in to Tim, I'm looking forward to that.

Also another thing is the Spurs cheat. They get every call, it's kind of annoying. Tim never gets in foul trouble. Tony never gets a foul. Manu gets every call. So I am really looking forward to that.

From @willnichols: Who is the best defender not named Bowen you ever faced?

RJ: You know there are different guys. Ron Artest is definitely one of those guys. For his size, he is just so big and strong.

There are just certain guys that you know you have to do a little bit extra. You have to be a little more exact and Artest is definitely up there. His addition to the Lakers only makes the Spurs and what we're doing here more exciting. To know that the Lakers probably got better and so even though we made some huge strides here you know that the champions got better. It makes everything we're doing here just try to get that much more focused and more direct, so we got a lot of work to do in front of us.

BH: Training camp is right around the corner, what do you do to prepare for it and what are you doing different this year?

RJ: I'm flipping tires. I'm throwing tires and I'm running up this huge hill you guys got in the back (of the practice facility). All that is a something that is a little strange for me.

All season long last year I was looking forward to working out all summer and just getting back to a good base. So I was in Milwaukee working out with the team before the trade. Coming in here now I've been working out, so there's really a lot of excitement about this upcoming season.

BH: Coach Pop told us that you, "would provide humor in the locker room." Now the question is, what kind of humorist are you? Are you into cracking jokes or pulling pranks?

RJ: You know what, it's just whatever is available. You know I don't really like Tim Duncan very much and I think he is a bad person. You know and he had been saying...

BH: (Laughs)

RJ: No really, I want all this to go down.

BH: Absolutely. (laughs)

RJ: Just some of the things that he has already said makes me know that it is going to be a very, very long year in dealing with him. But I'm looking forward to it. You know he thinks he's some quick-witted guy but he might've bit off more than he can chew in dealing with me.

BH: Can you give us any insight on...

RJ: No, no I will not expand anymore. I'll just say if he calls me "Princess Peanut" one more time, we're probably going to have a fight.

BH: Well I think that's pretty much does it for this interview. Thanks Richard.

RJ: No problem, no problem.

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