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The Silver dancers woke up for their last day in Rome. That morning, we had a quick breakfast and headed out to do our usual routine. When we arrived at the Jam Van site we noticed how absolutely gorgeous the view was. We took our last pictures near the Jam Van site in Rome, even though the pictures never really gave justice to the view.

Before our performance we stretched and then rehearsed the routines we would be performing. Everyday, while we would be waiting to perform, we would hear a loud cannon explosion that would go off at noon. The first day the explosion was so loud we all were pretty scared thinking we were under attack. In the days that followed it would still catch us by surprise, but by the last day we were pros and tried to plug our ears just before it went off.

MandyWhen it was time to perform, we were all excited and pumped more than ever. We knew this was our last chance to leave a great impression on the city of Rome. We knew we had to show them what San Antonio and the Spurs Silver Dancers were all about.

After our performance we signed autographs and took pictures with all of the fans. Since pretty much everyone spoke Italian, we had to adjust to saying "Grazie" and "Prego". We probably said it more than we needed to, but we loved the Italian language. After we finished at the Jam Van site it was back to the hotel.

We knew we were leaving in the morning and had a lot of packing to do so we decided to take it easy. We packed as much as we could and then we all decided to meet in one room and order a foreign film (which was an American movie). We all pitched in our money and ordered One Missed Call. Up until this point the only TV we could watch that was in English was CNN. It was such a relief to be able to watch a movie and understand what was being said. The movie ended up being really scary and we ended up having to walk each other back to our rooms. After the movie we were all pretty tired so we did some last minute packing and went to bed.

We woke up the next morning and started to get ready for our train ride to Bologna. We made sure we had everything packed and met up with our host in the hotel lobby. We did some last minute souvenir shopping before leaving the hotel. Some of us bought gifts while others bought post cards to send to our family and friends. After the shopping it was off to the train station.

None of us had ever taken a train ride so we really didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived at the train station we looked like kids in a candy store looking up with our mouths open. The train station was just like in the movies…its huge. We found our train with the help of our host Lucia. After saying our good-byes, we all found seats and settled in for the ride to Bologna. The Silver Dancers were off to Bologna!

Once the train left the station, we grabbed a bite to eat and talked while we enjoyed the scenery. We arrived at the Bologna train station and quickly had to grab our luggage and get off the train before it took off with us still on it. Jenn, who is a former gymnast with great upper body strength, was the first one off. The rest of us ended up throwing her our luggage and trying to jump off the train. After we gathered our luggage we found our host in Bologna and headed to the shuttle. At this train station there were no elevators so we had to carry our luggage up and down stairs. It felt like we were back in San Antonio doing a workout with our trainer!

Our first day in Bologna was spent mostly sight seeing. We came across a beautiful Church and a number of historical buildings. For those of you that don't know Bologna, it is the first place to ever have a university. Also, Bologna is famous for inventing Lasagna. Our last stops for the day were the Neptune Fountain and the Palazzo di Re Enzo (Palace of King Enzo). At the palace there is a room where you can whisper into a wall and on the opposite wall your friend can hear what you whispered. We all ended up trying it and it worked!

After our day of sight seeing we took a break and had some appetizers and drinks. Once we finished our delicious food, we headed back to the hotel to unpack and catch up on some sleep. We had to be ready to dance the next day and we were ready to show Bologna what the city of San Antonio is all about!