Help us determine the three 2013 Summer Team Up Challenge Champions! Ten teams have already received $1000 to work on their projects. Each of the three champion teams will receive an additional $10,000 for their work and contribution to improving our community. The Summer Team Up Challenge is a youth led service-learning initiative that encourages kids to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world, bringing education alive in powerful ways.

Clothing Connection

  • Many of the services for the homeless focus on the adults and not the youth. We would like to start addressing this gap by providing clothing and shoes to help with self-esteem and pride in the youth.
  • The captains promoted our project by distributing flyers within the neighborhood, our church and during the Silver Stars games on May 24 and June 7.
  • The youth captains and volunteers have collected, cleaned, sorted and distributed the youth clothes and shoes that we’ve received thus far.
  • We connected with St. PJ’s Children’s home and donated the clothes and shoes to them on Wednesday, June 12, shared time together by playing Bingo with a few of the children and made a commitment to continue to flourish our relationship.
  • The Champion award will expand the concept to a Career Clothing Closet, in conjunction with the Youth Clothing Closet. The purpose of the Career Clothing Closet is to transition adults into self-sustaining careers by providing the appropriate clothing for job interviews, plus clothing for starting a career or job training.