Help us determine the three 2013 Summer Team Up Challenge Champions! Ten teams have already received $1000 to work on their projects. Each of the three champion teams will receive an additional $10,000 for their work and contribution to improving our community. The Summer Team Up Challenge is a youth led service-learning initiative that encourages kids to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world, bringing education alive in powerful ways.

School Impact Program

  • Team, School Impact Program, is learning all about the importance of recycling! Our team's goal is to teach the community about the importance of recycling and how recycling works. We are focused on a community of refugees, where recycling may be a new practice.
  • The Team-Up Challenge has shown students to become more aware of the benefits recycling has for the environment and how necessary it is to recycle. A presentation by the San Antonio Solid Waste Department has encouraged the students to begin recycling around their community.
  • With the information that our team has been learning, we are putting together a video to educate the family and community members about how recycling works and why it is important. This video will be shown during a parent night and distributed to the surrounding community.
  • Our team plans to continue spreading the importance of recycling and how it works throughout the community by having a Community Day and distributing recycling bins with reusable bags to the families of the community.
  • SIP will use $10,000 to improve the recycling initiative started during summer 2013. SIP will buy additional recycling tools and containers, create educational materials, inform the local community, and establish partnerships with other entities in order to reach out to a larger audience and foster a more sustainable recycling project.