Help us determine the five 2012-2013 Team Up Challenge Champions! Twenty teams have already received $2500 to work on their projects. Each of the five champion teams will receive an additional $20,000 for their work and contribution to improving our community. The Team Up Challenge is a youth led service-learning initiative that encourages students to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world, bringing education alive in powerful ways.

  • The National Junior Honor Society and Peer Assisted Leaders at Davis Middle School decided to beautify our campus’ courtyard, where we spend time in the mornings after breakfast and again after lunch. The courtyard and adjacent basketball courts are currently barren and colorless.
  • We met and collaborated to come up with a plan for the beautified courtyard, which will include seating, gardens, and lots of color! We had to measure the sides of the courtyard and its angles to draw a model to scale for our planning.
  • We had the chance to paint one of our murals early with the help of Spurs player DeJuan Blair. Our mural was designed by muralist David Blancas, who incorporated inspirational leaders that we chose and our project’s motto: “Pride of the Eastside”.
  • The final student-led service project will take place on Saturday, April 13th. We will build and paint three benches, four picnic tables, and four garden boxes. We will plant sustainable gardens with drought-resistant perennial plants that we researched. We will also repaint the basketball courts with more color.
  • If awarded the $20,000 champion award, we will team up with Sam Houston High School’s Team Up Challenge students to extend our beautification project out into the neighborhood that surrounds the two schools. We plan to turn one of the vacant lots around the school into a community park.