Horry chatted with fans Aug. 26.
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Robert Horry is one of the winningest players in the history of the NBA, with six NBA Championship Rings to show for it. The author of several of the most famous clutch shots in playoff history, Big Shot Rob attended the University of Alabama before winning two NBA titles with the Houston Rockets. Horry then moved to the L.A. Lakers where he added three more championships, before landing in San Antonio, where he joined Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Company en route to the 2004-05 NBA Championship.

Big Shot Rob, who will host the first annual Robert Horry Celebrity Golf Classic and Charity Event to benefit Tuscaloosa's RISE Center from Aug 26-29, chatted live with fans on Friday, August 26. See the complete chat transcript below:

Moderator: Hi, we're running a little late, trying to catch up with Robert.

katy, birmingham: robert -

i see you are hosting a chartiy golf event, are you a big golfer ans what made you decide to do this?

Robert Horry: I'm a big video game golfer! (Laughing). But really, I'm a big believer in giving back to the community and this charity event really hits home for me. We can raise some money for a terrific cause, and that's why I'm here. It's the Robert Horry Celebrity Golf Classic and Charity Event to benefit Tuscaloosa's RISE Center from Aug 26-29 and it's a really good cause.

Kyle, Lansing, Mich.: I assume you think the Spurs will get to the Finals but who do you think will come out of the East?

Robert Horry: Ha-ha (Laughing) It's difficult to say right now, you don't know how the talent in Miami meshes, and if they can get Michael Finley. But it will be between Miami, Indiana and Detroit in my opinion, although it's still pretty early to say.

Tom(Sweden): Which is hardest a 3-pointer or freethrows for the gamewinner.

Robert Horry: Oh man. that's tough. I think free throws are harder, because you have more time to think about it and every eye is on you. When it's a trey, you catch and shoot.

Marcus: Do you like being known as a clutch shooter or would you rather be known for your other talents on the court? i.e: smart play, defense, leadership.

Robert Horry: It doesn't matter, because everything is a positive. Some days I feel like being known as a smart player, sometimes clutch. It depends what side of the bed I wake up on that day.

Dustin York Phoenix: Which single player has impacted you the most in your career? And which one have you most enjoyed playing with?
Go Spurs Go

Robert Horry: I think I probably enjoyed playing with Dream the most of anybody. He was a great talent and he was so amazing. Plus to work with someone from another culture was special. Of course, playing with Shaq and Kobe and Tim Duncan is great too! Oh, I almost forgot. For all you youngsters out there, The Dream is Hakeem Olajuwon and he was a great, great player.

Jason (Houston): How is it to play along the sides of Hakeem, Shaq and Timmy and decribe how differently you play off them?

Robert Horry: There is no difference playing off them. They each demand the space on the inside. It's the same. I hang out spot up for threes or look for the open lanes because everyone is collapsing on them.

dave (Dalla): if rasheed walace had not left u to double team on Manu, would u still have taken the shot ?

Robert Horry: I can't answer that. The play wasn't run for me, I was supposed to cut for the basket, but when Sheed left, I had to take advantage of the opportunity. The only reason I was there, and open, and waiting for the pass, was because Sheed left.

james, las vegas: Robert -

Who gave you the name Big Shot Rob?

Robert Horry: To be honest, I think it was Craig Kilborn on ESPN. But who knows? I think it was him who was first.

Alan (Van Nuys): Is there any meaning to why you wear #25 (rocket days) and #5 (lakers and spurs) ?

Robert Horry: (Laughing) 25 was my number in high school and college. But when I got traded to Lakers, it was retired, and Derek Fisher had 2, so I was stuck with 5. Nothing more special behind it than that.

June, LA: Have you ever met your look-a-like, Will Smith. If so, what did you say to each other?

Robert Horry: Ha-ha (Laughing) I met Will at a fashion show, and our sons were gonna go to each other's birthday parties. We were two adults who knew each other and all we talked about was getting our kids to a birthday party.

san angelo: What keeps you going? Do you have any hobbies outside of b-ball?

Robert Horry: What keeps me going in the camaraderie and friendship and being around the guys. Hobbies are video games and outdoor stuff, hunting, fishing and swimming, I'm an outdoorsy type.

Logan Veradale: What went through your head when you hit the game winning three pointer against the sacramento kings?

Robert Horry: Nothing. I was only thinking about Kobe going to the rack, he missed and it got tipped to me. I just said, "Oh, look at this right here, maybe I should put this one up and win this game!"

Ken---toronto: what do you like the most about coach popovich?

Robert Horry: He treats everyone equal. In lots of teams, the superstar gets treated better than the No. 12 guy on the roster. Pop treats us all the same, no matter our abilities, our language, our country. It's a great thing.

Joshua Smolik (Karnes City, TX): What do you plan on doing after your basketball career is over?

Robert Horry: I'm thinking about coaching, maybe at the University of Alabama. Maybe I'd like to be a GM or scout in the NBA, but I wouldn't want to coach in the NBA, unless I had a great chance to win. I like to win too much.

Robert Horry: Thanks to all the fans who logged on to chat with me today, and I'm sorry I was running a bit late. If you're in the area, come down to the charity golf tournament for Tuscaloosa's RISE Center. It's a great cause.