Coach Pop Pregame Media Availability - Spurs vs. Lakers

(On feeling more confident after a solid performance in game 1…)
“That was the first time in a while that we looked like the team that played the first 70 or so games defensively. We had done a good job of getting up into that top tier of defensive teams. For a variety of reasons it dissipated but that was our best defensive performance in while. I’m anxious to see if that’s really our team or not tonight to see if we are going to do it again as we did for most of the year.”

(On Jordan Hill suiting up for tonight’s game…)
“He is a great energy guy. He has a nice touch. He has done a good job for them.”

(On the enjoyment of coaching…)
“I enjoy the competitiveness. I enjoy the guys. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

(On the enjoyment of coaching in the playoffs…)
“It is just a heightened competitiveness. It is a lot about good and great players playing well. When you look at the playoffs you see great performances all the way around. Going into the playoffs it is the same way. I was almost in a mesmerized state our last game in Golden State watching (Stephen) Curry shoot shots. It was like playing against Michael Jordan. I was watching Curry make shots I couldn’t believe that anybody could make. When you get close to playoffs and into playoffs you see those kinds of performances that are always memorable for all of us.”

(On Tim Duncan keeping himself in great shape…)
“He is a mentally unique individual in that he is able to sustain a year-round workout regiment both physically and intake wise. He has an unbelievable feeling of responsibility for his place in the program and wants to sustain that performance that he brings night after night. When he doesn’t think he can he’ll stop and it might be in the middle of a game.”