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For the third straight summer, the Sonics played in the Rocky Mountain Revue Summer League. They finished 2-4, but saw promising play from first-round pick Mouhamed Sene, who led the RMR with 3.8 blocks per game. Right behind him in blocks was Sonics veteran Robert Swift (3.7 per game), pressed into action after Sene sprained his ankle. Guard Andre Emmett was named to the All-RMR Team after averaging 12.5 points per game on 57.7% shooting and adding 2.3 steals per game, second in the league.

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Sonics Sign Sene
Sene's Career Taking Off - After signing his rookie contract and practicing with the Sonics Summer League squad for the first time on Monday, Sene met the media after the Sonics morning workout on Tuesday.

New Sonics radio play-by-play broadcaster David Locke is blogging all things Sonics and NBA, including the summer league:
First Look at Sene - The final play of the scrimmage exemplified what was strikingly obvious throughout; Sene is long, amazingly long, almost inconceivably long.

I noticed the brief footage of Sene in practice the other night on FSN. I understand that it was just a highlight clip from a practice, but it was still surprising to see that he had really nice form on a 10-12 foot jumper. (Obviously he won't have to jump much to get it off, because of his height). This was surprising, considering how much we have all heard about his 3ppg in Belgium. Does he have any in-between or postup game? A little baby hook would be unstoppable with his arm length. - Joe, Silverdale

Joe, Great pick up on your part. I was at practice the day Sene hit those shots and figured it was a fluke. However, when I came back three days later he did it again. I am not ready to take the jump to say that he is going to be a deadly shooter, but I do think it tells us he has a level of touch and control that means he doesn't have bricks for hands. You also asked about a baby hook. He has a hook that is hard to visualize because the ball leaves his hand from so far above the rim. It is undefendable. However, he has not made it consistently or often. If he can take the touch from his jump shot into the jump hook then he might one day be a post scorer. He will have to be strong enough to hold position for any of that to be relevant. - David Locke

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First-round pick Mouhamed Sene will be a summer-league focal point for the Sonics.
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Rookie swingman MickaŽl Gelabale won't be playing in the summer league because of his commitments to the French National Team, but Gelabale signed with the Sonics on July 12 and met the media that same day. A review of scouting reports, first-hand observation and Gelabale's stats indicates he's ready to make the jump to the NBA from Euroleague.

BOB HILL INTERVIEW: Sonics Coach Bob Hill chatted with David Locke before the Sonics left for Utah about what he's seen in practices and his expectations for the summer Sonics.

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Sene's the sultan of summer swats, ESPN.com - Scouts said Mouhamed Saer Sene would be a big-time project. Had they seen his three games so far at the Rocky Mountain Revue summer league, they might have projected he'll contribute sooner than originally thought.

Date Opponent Box Score W-L High Pts High Reb
Jul 14 Fri Philadelphia L 88-74 0-1 N. Felix 19
R. Burrell 5
Jul 15 Sat San Antonio L 73-70 0-2 A. Emmett 21
J. Reiner 8
Jul 17 Mon Utah W 76-75 (OT)* 1-2 D. Brown 17
Sene/Emmett 6
Jul 18 Tue Atlanta L 88-85% 1-3 D. Farmer 27
T. Bobbitt 5
Jul 20 Thu Philadelphia W 88-86 2-3 A. Miles 14
R. Swift 10
Jul 21 Fri Dallas L 91-87@ 2-4 D. Farmer 22
Swift/Felix 5
All times PDT
* Replayed on NBA TV on July 26 at 7 p.m.
% Replayed on NBA TV on July 27 at 2 p.m.
@ Replayed on NBA TV on July 30 at 6 p.m.