Sonics Q&A: Ibrahim Kutluay
Kevin Pelton, SUPERSONICS.COM | Dec. 15, 2004

Sam Forencich/NBAE/Getty
Sonics guard Ibrahim Kutluay, a rookie at age 30 after joining the Sonics as a free agent following international stardom in his native Turkey, was activated from the injured list before Tuesday's game with the Los Angeles Lakers. His NBA debut could come any day now, though Sonics Coach Nate McMillan said before Tuesday's game that, “With the guards we have, he’s going to have to be patient.” SUPERSONICS.COM caught up with Kutluay briefly before the game to get his take on being activated.

SUPERSONICS.COM: Are you excited about the possibility of making your NBA debut?
: "Of course I am excited because I came here, first time I ever played a regular game. I played preseason games. Now I play here. Our team is doing well so far and, if I can, I want to help the team."

Will it then feel like you're really a part of the few Turkish players to play in the NBA?
: "Yeah, of course. I want to play official games. Since I watched all the games behind the bench, I want to play, I want to be on the court because my teammates are doing a very good job. They've been excellent so far. I hope that they can play like this and I can help the team."

Was it ever frustrating to be on the injured list?
: "No. I needed time. I had to see how they played here. I think it's helped me. I know I have to play in the open court. I am ready."