A Letter From David Locke
I am the Sonics play-by-play announcer. WOW. I have checked all the papers and this site and my name is attached to that title. I am overwhelmed and humbled. It is really the culmination of every career dream and aspiration I have ever had. On top of that, working for a franchise I trust and believe in while living in the best city in USA awes me.

I must admit it is a bit daunting when the press release says I am the third voice in the 40 years of franchise history. Last night on my talk show, we had Bob Blackburn and Kevin Calabro on the show at the same time. The three Sonics voices all talking at once and I was a part of it. For once I was tongue tied and speechless.

I am ecstatic to bring you Sonics action in 2006-07. How fun it is going to be to see the development of Robert Swift and Johan Petro? Does anyone have the dunk-o-meter ready for Chris Wilcox?

Watching a season develop is one of the great pleasures of being a play-by-play announcer. My last two seasons with the Seattle Storm are a great example. In 2004, I watched the making of a championship and then a year later, I watched a team struggle with the expectations and perception of what championship teams are supposed to achieve all while still equaling the franchise record for wins in a season.

Next season for the Sonics will be equally interesting. Can they use the strong finish to propel themselves into a great training camp? What will Bob Hill be able to achieve with an entire training camp? What does the brilliant Ray Allen have in store next? Can Chris Wilcox take the next step toward stardom?

These are things that are going to make the 2006-07 season terrific. I canít wait to share it with you. Embarking on this job, I have a few philosophies that I want to share. I believe the old-school radio announcer that talks with the fans on only game days is a dinosaur. I am hoping our interaction can be ongoing. Basketball 365 is the goal. We will get ready for the Draft together, we will monitor the trade deadline, we will share road trips, I will take you to shootaround and practices and we will watch the rest of the league together.

This is the information age and the true Sonics fan can never get enough. We hope to cover every angle. Through the vehicle of SUPERSONICS.COM using blogs, audio blogs, podcasts, live webcasts and more, I hope to bring the coverage of the Sonics to a brand new pinnacle. We've already introduced some of these features on storm.wnba.com for the 2006 season, including my blog and the weekly StormCast with Kevin Pelton.

Locked on Sports had a popular following on 950 KJR and I hope we can integrate some of the best features into Locked on the Sonics at SUPERSONICS.COM.

Specific to the broadcast, we are going to take a deep look into what a radio play-by-play broadcast should look like in 2006. I believe that radio play-by-play was created in the 40s and nobody has changed the mold yet. Why should we be using a 1940 engine when we have the technology of 2006? Working by myself on the air will also give me more flexibility to try new things.

I am not sure how this will manifest itself. Maybe it will be subtle; maybe it will be obvious. How can we touch all of the nightly excitement of the NBA? How do we make the broadcast more interactive? What freedom does a solo broadcast give us? Those are all questions that I will delve into as the program director of Sonics and Storm Radio. Of course, I am welcome to all suggestions on how to make the most progressive and exciting broadcast in the NBA. You can e-mail those to sonicsconnection@sonics-storm.com.

Finally, thank you. Your support over the last eight years in Seattle has allowed me to live this dream. I feel like I am on a movie set and someone is about to tap me on the shoulder and say, "Sorry you arenít cast to be the one living a dream. Here is your script." But until then, I look forward to sharing the journey with you and bringing you all the action both on and off the floor of Sonics basketball.

Go Supes!

David Locke
May 19, 2006