April 19, 2002

“SuperFly” brings Sonics fans all that was seen and overheard from his spot on the wall in Sonics land. Got an idea for Fly or a personal mission for the NBA’s most crafty PI? Send the pesky critter your questions or comments to SuperFly@sonics-storm.com

Nip and Tug … After blowing past the Grizzlies to clinch the seventh seed in the Western Conference on Wednesday night at the Key, Gary Payton got a much-deserved seat on the bench for the back half of the fourth quarter. But even Fly knows Gary must have the last word. After driving baseline for a reverse lay-in and the foul, Payton continued towards the Grizz bench where he tugged on Grant Long’s left ear as he sat on the bench in his warm-ups with a towel over his legs. "Got to work on some shooting for the playoffs," GP said to Long, rubbing in the fact that the Grizz are watching the playoffs from their Laz-boys.

...I am serious, and don't call me Shirley …Brent Barry is making back-to-back appearances in the Fly, only the second player to do that besides Rick Fox (stay tuned). To celebrate the Sonics playoff-berth-clinching victory over the Clippers last Monday, Bones took over the public address while the team, a handful of owners and sponsors boarded Air Sonic One. Bow your heads for a twin bill of Bones one-liners.

  • “In the case the cabin becomes de-pressurized and the oxygen masks drop from overhead, cover your own face before helping children, and yes that includes Earl (Watson) and Vlade (Radmanovic).

  • “In the situation the temperature drops in the cabin, we can shave Peja’s (Drobnjak) back to make blankets.

    Little Rashard … Just when Fly started to think Rashard Lewis had matured out of his sophomoric ways, he pulls a stunt like he did at the “Sonics Night at the Movies” party on Tuesday. After a paternalistic welcome speech from elder Gary Payton to a movie theater packed with 3rd-graders, Lewis just had one thing to say – “Have fun and throw all the candy and popcorn you want,” which spurred an onslaught of candy barreling towards the front of the theater. Payton and Lewis shielded their faces as they jetted for the back of the room. The brave Monique Payton (GP’s better half) stopped the madness, telling the kids Rashard was only joking, even though Fly knows better.

    Fly Mailbag … Seems Fly has become a true NBA rookie sensation – complete with an entourage, or as Sports Illustrated put it recently, a “posse.” Fly emptied out his mailbag recently to find a mix of questions, answers and shout outs:

    “What are you talking about. Gary has been and still is the best 1 guard in the game!”
    -Neil Benincosa

    Hey genius, don’t skim, read. Fly is pretty sure you are referring to a comment made by Brent Barry at the Sonics Season Ticket Holder Party included in last week’s Fly. Sarcasm, Neil, a type of humor.

    “I want to talk smack about Rick Fox. I want to say that he should do old spice roll on commercials, but he can stroke a shot. Hey hey and walo walo wing wing, I have to go brush off my Sonics hat and get ready for tonight’s game. I put my son’s college fund on them to win tonight.
    -Edward Sauter

    RE: Fox’s hair – “Did he lose a bet or something.”
    - PSUJOEPA1@cs.com

    Appreciate the note PSUJOEPA1, but there is something to be said for originality, and I don’t mean Fox’s hair.

    “Duuuuuuuuuuuuude! You 'da maaaaaaaaaaan.”
    -Billy Nichols

    Thanks Billy – now cast your vote for Rookie of the Year.

    “Is there anywhere I can find a photo online of Brittany Spears (the Sonic dancer)? I couldn't find anything on the official team Web site.”

    -Fly knows your name, but he’ll conceal your identity for the sake of your family’s pride...Check it out, Chester: www.nba.com/sonics/news/Sonics_Dance_Team-35529-51.html

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